Corporate Services

Bioinspiration offers novel approaches to diverse challenges across all industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, robotics, architecture, and consumer product design. We work with companies to connect nature’s adaptations to specific design and industrial challenges.

Introductory Workshops

For clients new to bioinspiration, the Center’s introductory workshops explore foundational concepts and case studies. We offer a glimpse into our unique workshop process through behind-the-scenes Zoo and Safari Park experiences.

Innovation Workshops

Our workshops typically comprise three phases: (1) challenge scoping and definition, (2) ideation workshop(s), and (3) development workshop(s). The journey begins by recasting your needs into distinct terms relevant to biological functions. In the ideation workshop, we begin to address challenges through a biological lens. We provide multisensory learning experiences with relevant plant and animal encounters, facilitated innovation exercises, and presentations by subject matter experts. The development phase builds upon ideation workshop outcomes to forge paths for commercial development. Our collective aim is progression toward a working model or proof of principle. Since our first workshop in 2006, we’ve conducted workshops for diverse agencies, corporations, and organizations from NASA and Nike to Proctor & Gamble and Toyota. To learn more about our customized corporate ideation and development workshops, please contact Claire Wathen.