Education and Outreach

Bioinspiration begins with humble curiosity about the world around us. San Diego Zoo Global education programs encourage K-12 and college students to observe, create, and design alongside plants and animals. We conduct bioinspiration workshops, facilitated design and observation activities, and bioinspired tours of San Diego Zoo Global facilities. Our education staff reaches more than 300,000 students every year and has tremendous expertise in creating innovative and engaging curricula. We currently offer the following educational programs:

Introductory Workshop: The Basics of Bioinspiration

A 3-hour workshop that introduces the concept of bioinspiration. High school and college students explore the San Diego Zoo, learning about this methodology through plant and animal presentations, hands-on activities, group discussion, and a private tour of the Zoo.

Classroom Module: Nature’s Best Ideas

A one-hour classroom outreach program about bioinspiration. Middle school students learn through hands-on activities that foster creativity and innovative thinking. Aligned with California standards such as life sciences, biology, ecology, and evolution, students learn how nature inspires design and engineering solutions.

Classroom Module: The Conservation Connection

A bioinspiration module offered through the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. High school students explore the emerging field of bioinspired innovation and participate in an interactive scavenger hunt in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Students have the unique opportunity to apply their knowledge of the natural world to solve human design problems in a sustainable manner.

Bioinspiration Tours of the San Diego Zoo

A private guided two-hour tour of the San Diego Zoo. Guests experience behind-the-scenes plant and animal encounters through a bioinspiration lens.